College. Busy schedules. Campus fellowships. Small groups. Large groups. Fast friendships. Light doctrine. Alliterative. Whew

I get it. I’m there.

I understand the struggles of life as a young person. I grew up in a reformed Christian home and was taught much theology in high school. Arriving at college I soon realized that the truth floating around my head was not easy to live out. And in trying to live it out, I concluded that I do not know half as much as I thought.

This is where I am now – seeking to know God more and live that out that kind of knowing.

There is so much to God and to His word and its relation to my life as a college student that I just do not know. And I want to talk about it. If you are reading this and you have thoughts for me or questions that you would like for me to entangle myself with, please contact me! Hit the link on the side bar and send me a message, I would love nothing more than to talk with you!