Valentine Invitation

Today is Valentine’s day. Woohoo. Shout out to all those other people who do not get to spend it with someone (me)!

But seriously, Valentine’s day is a wack holiday. In 1969 he was removed from the Roman Catholic calendar because there was not enough reliable information about him. Stories and boxes of chocolates are pretty much all of what is left of his namesake, and they are just hazy and fictitious echoes of what actually was. I would try and write some nice post analogizing his myth, but I am not about that.

I love truth. I love truth that is real, vivid, and pure. Truth that cuts deep, clarifies, and changes real people. Truth that is so often missing from the hearts of my generation.

I am not perfect, I am a sinner. But God bought me by the blood of his son, and it is my greatest delight to call His name precious. Jesus is my savior, and my everything, I am nothing without him. My longing is to see his name lit in hearts and minds of my fellow young people, whether they be in youth group, college, or not! So today, on this February 14th I invite you to join me.

Will you accept?